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Plomari Ouzo  750ML     

Ouzo Plomari by Issidoros Arvanitis is the most popular Ouzo in Greece because it is smooth and bursting with flavors and aromas of anise, herbs and sweet spice. 84 Proof (42%abv.... click for more details

Sku: 25384
Reg. $17.99
Katsaros Bros. Ouzo  750ml     

Ouzo Katsaros is produced from grape alcohol of superb quality. The crystal clear water is rich in mineral from the heart of the plains of Thessaly. The secret mixture of seeds and herbs, gives to every ouzo its individual taste and its characteristic aroma. Its unique fine aroma and its rich natural taste flows from the ... click for more details

Sku: 1606207  
Reg. $17.04
On Sale $13.40
27% discount on 12 bottles for $148.56
Loukatos Ouzo  750ml     

Ouzo Loukatos, scented with anis that lasts and discreet notes of mastic, has a strong, memorable character. It accompanies delicious appetizers and it blends smoothly with sea flavors. You can enjoy ouzo straight, with cold water or ice. The more adventurous can drink it with orange juice or lemonade.Ouzo is an alcoholic ... click for more details

Sku: 1796302  
Reg. $18.00
On Sale $14.16
27% discount on 12 bottles for $156.96
Metaxa Ouzo 90@  750ML     

A distinctive member of the METAXA family, Ouzo by METAXA offers an authentic taste of Greek tradition. Created according to a time-honoured recipe, this unique aperitif features a blend of Mediterranean spices including aniseed, fennel, coriander and the precious mastic coming from the island of Chios, which endow Ouzo ... click for more details

Sku: 12461
Reg. $23.99
Ouzo #7 Thrace 86@  750ML     

Sku: 20321
Reg. $13.99
Stoupakis Ouzo Kazanisto  750ml     

A singular distillate whose cherished secret, Chios-grown anise, leads you to a burst of flavour and the lingering luxury of the perfect taste. Stoupakis Ouzo Kazanisto takes its name from the traditional copper stills (kazania) where it is distilled drop by drop under ideal conditions, continuing Chios’ tradition ... click for more details

Sku: 1760699  
Reg. $19.04
On Sale $14.97
27% discount on 12 bottles for $165.96
Thrakis Ouzo Thrace 7  750ml     

Water, anise, coriander and fennel seeds are combined and distilled together. The product of the first distillation is then distilled again and then separated into three parts. The middle part of the second process is then used for the final product. The ouzo is then placed in a stainless steel tank for approximately ... click for more details

Sku: 1537034  
Reg. $16.53
On Sale $13.00
27% discount on 12 bottles for $144.12
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